Sunday, March 22, 2009

My Goal : To Stop The World Snoring!

My name is Liz and my company is called Instantly Stop Snoring. I have an online business selling anti-snoring mouthpieces that are simple and fast to use and very importantly, affordable. They are self moldable versions that are only $65 for a twinpak and come with a full money back guarantee for any reason. My refund rate is low - only around 1 in 40 - which shows they are very successful. I started the business after a lot of research and to solve my own family's issue with snoring - which I'm happy to say I did!

I pay for shipping all over the world and am very passionate about my product as it helps so many people. Please spread the word, have a look at the website and see how many people we can stop snoring!

For your reference, my device is modelled on custom fitted dental appliances made by dentists - and they are a proven reliable treatment for snoring and often recommended by sleep clinics. Their technical term is Mandibular Advancement Device.

Thank you for reading...please pass on to any friend or family member you feel may benefit.